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Hi-Core® Graphics Grades

General Purpose Sheet for Signs and Displays is a standard product for limited duration use, in applications such as; realty signs, election signs, pole sign advertising, seed and chemical identification signs and point of sale dump-bins and merchandisers. These signs often show sophisticated graphics and the very high standards offered by Hi-Core® sheets make achieving a perfect image easy for the printer. Hi-Core® brand is acknowledged in our industry for consistently providing the smoothest, flattest, most dimensionally stable corrugated plastic sheet with the highest level of Corona Treatment.

Hi-Core® 10mm and 12.2mm opaque white panels are designed as the ultimate “plywood” replacement in commercial realty and other large format non-illuminated outdoor signage. The sheets are Ultra-Violet protected to provide outdoor durability of about 5 years in most locations. In addition to long life, Hi-Core® 10mm opaque white panels offer:

  • High Levels of corona treatment for easy/durable decorating
  • Two ready to use sides on smooth, flat and square sheets
  • Lightweight, single sheet large formats from 48” x 96” (13 lb) up to 80” x 144” (33 lb)
Special Purpose XL Sign Grade
High Core
Graphic Applications
Graphic Applications
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