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Hi-Core® XL Natural Glazing and Construction Panels

Hi-Core® XL Natural is a rigid, multi-wall, translucent sheet, made from a tough polyolefin alloy that is protected from UV and weather by an Environmental Protection System that is exclusive to Matra Plast. Light passing through Hi-Core® XL Natural is highly diffused, (over 95%). Diffused light is bent to many different angles. Compared to non-diffusing materials, Hi-Core® XL Natural allows the light to make a service building brighter or to penetrate deeper into the leaf canopy to impact with more crop.

Hi-Core® XL Natural Installation Notes:

  1. Sheets are ready to use. There is no masking film to remove or landfill.
  2. Both sides are UV protected. Either side can face the sun.
  3. Any type of silicone or caulking can be used.
  4. Join panels with standard aluminum, or PVC joiners. Allow for expansion and contraction with temperature changes.
  5. All sheets should be point fastened to purlins, to industry standards for multi-wall glazing sheets. The holes for point fastening screws should be predrilled, 1/8” oversize, to allow for thermal expansion to prevent unsightly bowing of the installed sheets. Fasteners should be tight but should not crush the surface.
  6. Easily cut to size or shape with a utility knife after gable installation. Saws easily without chatter using fine carbide finishing blades.
  7. Aluminum foil tape on the top and vent tape at the bottom will prevent dust and dirt accumulation in the flutes over time.


Sheet widths 47.25”, 48”, 71.25”, 72”, and 2.0m
Sheet lengths up to 24’ standard, longer sheets up to 53’ by quotation
Light Transmission (ASTM E 424-71)
R factor – 1.56
R factor – 1.64
U factor – 0.84
U factor – 0.61
Sheets can be cold bent on site in the length of flute direction to these minimum radiuses:
Cold Bend Radius
Thermal Expansion: Temperature Range Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (mm/mm/° C x 10-5)
-30° C to 0° C - 12
0° C to 30° C - 14
30° C to 60° C - 21
As a general rule, allow 1/8" per foot (10mm per m) of length or width for expansion at average temperatures.
Water vapour absorption: 24 hours - 0.03%, 6 months - 0.06%
Custom Shading Available tinting can reduce light transmission to a range of levels down to as low as 0% on request.
UV Protection Both sides of these glazing panels are protected (2-sides UV) by a proprietary system.
Actual installed life depends on geographical location and details of the installed orientation.
Hi-Core® XL Natural is an excellent glazing choice for applications where both sides of the sheet are often exposed to the sun.
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