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Hi-Core® FR500


Hi-Core® FR500

Flame Retardant Sheets

FR500 is a translucent white sheet (30% L.T.) available in 8mm and 10mm thickness. Some current applications include retail garden centres, light walls and room/office partitions. This product is also available with the XL UV Protection system.

FR500 has been tested for fire-resistance performance by the following test procedures:


TEST: CAN/ULC-S102.2 Surface Burning Characteristics

Ontario Building Code ( references Maximum Flame-Spread Ratings (FSC1) for walls and ceilings in Group A, Division 1, sprinklered-150, unsprinklered-75.

FR500 results: FSC1: 65, Smoke Developed: 330


Hi-Core® FR500 Flame Retardant sheets meet all of the criteria of the three tests required for approval as "light transmitting plastic sheets", as required by US Codes, (BOCA1, SBCC12, ICB03).

TEST #1: ASTM E 84, Surface Burning Characteristics

FR500 results: FSC1: 45, Smoke Developed: 305

US Authorities having jurisdiction usually refer to the following categories

Class 2 or B
Flame spread index

Smoke Developed

450 Max.

TEST #2: ASTM D 635-03, Rate of Burning

All test samples self-extinguished before the flame reached the 1" (25mm) limit. FR500 meets the requirements for a CC1 rating (<1"/minute).

TEST #3: ASTM D 1929-1996 (re-approved 2001) Standard Test Method for Determining Ignition Properties of Plastics. Code requires self-ignition higher than 650° F.

FR500 results: The self-ignition temperature: 716° F, (380° C).

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