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Vistar® is the latest addition to Matra Plast’s line of digital substrate products. It is made from high impact polystyrene (HIPS), which means that it is cost-effective, tough and ideal for a host of applications, especially signage.

A high impact polystyrene solid sheet (HIPS) is a thermoplastic, meaning that it softens when heated and hardens upon cooling. Its outstanding property is its malleability, the fact that it can be moulded into a wide variety of configurations, without losing its inherent properties. Vistar® is manufactured to exacting tolerances. It can be relied upon for consistent gauge, width and length, consistent resin on every order, consistent color both in shade and density, and consistent high-level Corona Treatment. Not to mention the fact that it is Food Contact Compliant. It is ideal for digital and silk screen printing, with a host of applications in the graphic signage, industrial and OEM sectors.

Vistar® is the latest addition to Matra Plast’s plastic sheet line-up, available in bulk sheet and roll forms. There are many advantages to using Vistar® HIPS, including all digital grade production, square sheets, good low temperature resistance and food contact compliant.

Top Five Reasons For Choosing Vistar®

All digital 
grade production
Ideal for silk screen
or digital printing
Squared sheets
that lay flat
Allows better
printing registration
Consistent high-level
Corona Treatment
Ensures better 
ink adhesion
edge cutting
No need for
further trimming
Reliable gauge, 
width and length
No surprises


Vistar variants
Vistar variants
Top view on Vistar variants
logo de vistar

Vistar® is the next generation in high impact polystyrene solid sheets

Vistar® HIPS is available in sheets up to 60" wide and thickness gauges from 0.011" to 0.118". Standard colors include W (grey white), B (blue white) and N (black). Custom colors can be created subject to minimum volume requirements.

Stock sizes

Available colors

Vistar color Grey white
W - Grey white
Vistar color blue white
B - Blue white
Vistar color black
N - Black
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