Fluted sheets are music to printers’ ears

Hi-Core® corrugated plastic sheets (also called fluted sheets) are considered the industry benchmark for high quality by printers, laminators and OEMs.

The sheets are made from high quality polypropylene and treated with high level Corona Treatment. This ensures that even after a long storage time, the sheets will allow the adhesion of virtually any ink or glue system. Hi-Core® is an ideal product with multiple uses in a variety of fields: signage, packaging and construction, to name just a few. The Hi-Core® twinwall profile consists of two skins separated by vertical ribs. This shape gives the sheets impressive rigidity and compressive strength, making them a cost-effective, lightweight alternative to traditional substrates such as metal and plywood.

The polypropylene resin used to make Hi-Core®, combined with its fluted profile, confer many advantages, including rigidity, flatness and durability. Hi-Core® sheets offer excellent resistance to all weather conditions. Their fluted profile gives them compressive strength and rigidity, which means that they lay flat while being printed digitally or using a silk screen. This flatness ensures excellent printing registration.

Top Five Reasons For Choosing Hi-Core®

Squared sheet
Allows printing on one or both sides without re-registration
Allows ink better coverage
Allows better print quality finish
Corona Treatment
Both sides treated to high dyne level for better ink adhesion
Reliable gauge, width and length


Pile of Hi-Core variants
3 examples of Hi-Core boards
Close up to a pile oh Colorful Hi-Core
Example of a recurved Hi-Core sheets
Example of a translucent Hi-Core
Example of a folded Hi-Core sheet
Pile of mixed Hi-Core Sheets
Example of a translucent Hi-Core

Size matters. So does colour.

Hi-Core® polypropylene sheets come in a variety of colors, gauges, and fluting configurations. They can accommodate virtually any customer requirement.

Available thicknesses

*Most common

Available colors

Hi-Core Color White
Hi-Core Color Natural 1
Natural 1
Hi-Core Color Black 80
Black 80
Hi-Core Color Silver 90
Silver 90
Hi-Core Color Gray 95
Gray 95
Hi-Core Color Green 70
Green 70
Hi-Core Color Brown 50
Brown 50
Hi-Core Color Blue 60
Blue 60
Hi-Core Color Blue 62
Blue 62
Hi-Core Color Blue 63
Blue 63
Hi-Core Color Blue 64
Blue 64
Hi-Core Color Red 30
Red 30
Hi-Core Color Orange 40
Orange 40
Hi-Core Color Yellow 20
Yellow 20
Hi-Core Color Yellow 23
Yellow 23
Hi-Core Color Ivory 15
Ivory 15
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