Matra Plast

Welding Hi-Core®

For durable cost effective assembly of Hi-Core® boxes, displays and containers, there are several types of welding that can give excellent results.

Most Ultra Sonic Welding equipment suppliers have systems, that are designed to create high strength point welds on corrugated plastic. This proven technique leaves an indented weld spot that has been likened to a belly button.

Hand welding tools are available that extrude a continuous bead of plastic resin to weld 90 corners or attach accessories. This material is bonded on the surface like a bead of caulking. Some designers have used this type of tool to fill the open flutes to seal them.

Hot air welding tools have been designed to heat, melt and bond Hi-Core® sheet to sheet in the fashion of a glue lap or a panel to panel overlap joint.

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